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Eva is searching the documents in the studio again, after the previous fight with Bianca. She thinks to do it without any problems, but Bianca wakes up and appears behind her, holding a chloro cloth on the gloved hand. She grabs Eva from behind and puts the cloth over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles, makes muffled screams and tries to take off it. Bianca keeps it tight aggressively until Eva passes out.

Eva wakes up, tied up to a pole and gagged with blue duct tape. Bianca is still there and starts torturing her. She grabs her neck with both gloved hands, strangling her. She hits her with some belly punching. She grabs her from behind and squeezes her neck with some tight sleeperhold grips. She pinches her nose with a gloved hand.

Bianca removes the tape from Eva's mouth and continues playing with her. She strangles her with both gloved hands again, the she repeatedly keeps her handgagged. Sometimes she keeps an arm around her neck and smothers her with gloved hands over her mouth and nose.

Finally, Bianca takes a plastic bag and puts it over Eva's head. She pulls it and keeps it tight, to be sure her poor rival thief can't breathe. She has no mercy and keeps it for long time, until the end of Eva.


Chronicle Of Thieves In Leather (Full Version)

Rival Thieves 2 (Catfight + Smother Part)

Models: Bianca, Eva BlackHell
Time 21:22
Size 1546 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €12.99