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Cartel Interrogation (Episode 2)

Maat is bound on the chair, her feet are raised, big toes tied with a twine. She is suspected of stealing money from a drug cartel, so Lara is ready for interrogation.

She asks her where is the money. Maat replies she doesn't know, so Lara begins the torture. She puts a clear plastic bag over her head and keeps it for a while. Then she asks her again where is the money and not getting a response, she repeatedly suffocates Maat with the plastic bag, holding it longer. She continues this torture for several minutes.

Lara puts the plastic bag over Maat's head for the last time, but since Maat doesn't tell her where the money is, she decides to finish her in another way. She ties a rope around her neck and pulls it aggressively, strangling her without mercy. She continues for long time. Maat gasps for air, keeping her mouth and eyes wide open. This is the end for her. 

Models: Lara, Lady Maat
Time 15:58
Size 1157 MB
Format MP4

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