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Catwoman Target 2 (Full Version)

Tempesta is a hitwoman who enjoys dressing up as catwoman. She belongs to a terrorist group and she has the task of stopping Susy, a student and related to a politician. She breaks into her apartment and looks around, then she pulls out a bottle and a rag. She pours the chloroform on the rag.

Susy comes back to home and sits down on a chair. Tempesta grabs her from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Susy struggles and tries to remove it, but the hitwoman keeps it tight and waits until she passes out.

Susy is tied up on the bed and when she sees Tempesta in the bedroom, she asks what does she want from her. The hitwoman puts the legs around her neck and hold it, making a tight scissorhold grip. Then she keeps her quiet with a gloved hand over her mouth and starts shaking her body, to make her weaker. She accompanies her perverse game of domination with several "sssssh" and "nobody can hear you", while Susy struggles and tries to speak. After some minutes of this smother attack, Tempesta squeezes the neck of Susy with a reversal scissorhold position and continues for some minutes. Then she pours the chloroform on the cloth and puts Susy to sleep for the second time, fondling her head and singing a lullaby like a crazy woman.

Tempesta decides to change method, so she sits over Susy's body and puts her gloved hands around her neck, strangling her. She continues the smother domination in this way, having fun to see the poor student gasping for air with eyes wide open. She puts her gloved hands over her mouth and nose too, handsmothering her and always showing a sadistic smile.

The hitwoman places herself behind the student and puts an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth. Then she continues the previous game, with a lot of strangling and handsmothering action. She decides to stop it when Susy is really exhausted.

This is not the end. Tempesta's task is finishing Susy, so she puts a clear plastic bag over her head and pulls it, squishing her face and leaving no air inside it. Susy struggles and tries to remove the bag, while the hitwoman has so much fun to see her gasping for air. She keeps the bag over her head until the end.

Models: Tempesta, Susy Blue
Time 43:57
Size 3185 MB
Format MP4

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