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Cia Agent Mistake

Rachel is a cia agent, full dressed in leather with jacket, pants, boots and gloves. She tied up and gagged Janelle for interrogation.

She starts talking to the prisoner, but Janelle, who is Italian and doesn't understand what she tells, tries to say something in her language under the tape.

Rachel removes the tape from her mouth and asks her some questions, putting the gun inside her mouth. She understands she captured the wrong person and calls her boss, who replies she has to kill the prisoner anyway.

In the meantime, Janelle frees herself and hits Rachel's on her stomach with a punch. Rachel points the gun to her again, but Janelle takes it and drops it on the floor.

Janelle takes a rope and ties it around Rachel's neck, strangling her. Then she attacks her with a inverted facelock and keeps this grip for several minutes, until Rachel's end.

Janelle puts her foot over limp body of Rachel and leaves the room.

Models: Janelle, Rachel Adams
Time 12:53
Size 474 MB
Format MP4

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