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Closed In The House 2 (Hand Over Mouth Part)

Lilian gets up. She puts on a pair of black leather pants, a black shirt and a pair of black leather gloves. Then she lays down over Gianluca, puts a gloved hand over his mouth and pinches his nose with the other one, handsmothering him. She puts an arm around his neck and holds it with a strong sleeperhold grip, then she keeps him handgagged at the same time.

The handsmother domination continues for several minutes, where Lilian smothers the crazy man putting her both gloved hands over his mouth and nose in different ways. From behind, laying down over him and with a camel clutch grip, while he can only smell the scent of the leather and gasp for air.

Lilian decides to permanently stop the insane ex boyfriend, so she takes a pillow and pushes it over his face. She does it with the gloved hands, but then she thinks this is not enough, so she keeps the pillow sitting over it. The crazy man can't breathe under the pillow and the weight of the woman and starts kicking. Lilian has not mercy and stay there until he doesn't move anymore. Before removing the pillow and the ass, she prefers stay there a little bit more, to be sure he can't wake up. 

Models: Lilian, Gianluca
Time 20:33
Size 1485 MB
Format MP4

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