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Eva is talking with his boyfriend Gianluca on the couch, when Ivy breaks into the room and points a gun to them. She orders to Gianluca to tie up and gag Eva. Then she does the same thing to him.

Ivy asks to Gianluca where is the bag with money. He doesn't know what she is telling about, so Ivy takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Eva's mouth. She keeps it until the poor woman faints. She won't have mercy until he tell her where is the bag.

Ivy continues playing with Eva, handsmothering and strangling her several times with gloved hands. She does it because she thinks this makes Gianluca scared and he will tell where is the bag with money. Then she puts the chloro cloth over Eva's mouth and nose again and waits until she passes out.

Now Gianluca tells her where is the bag. She didn't tell before because he doesn't want she know his actual job. Ivy gags him too and takes the bag.

Ivy is leaving the house, when she changes idea and decides to have more fun with them.

She puts her stinky feet in pantyhose over their faces. The poor couple is forced to smell them. She rubs her toes over their noses, so they can sniff better the intense fragrance. She continues for several minutes, without mercy.

Finally Ivy takes a plastic bag and puts over Eva's head. She pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe under it and continues this sadistic action until the end. Then she does the same thing to Gianluca and leaves the limp body of her victims in the room.

Models: Ivy Blonde, Eva BlackHell, Gianluca
Time 42:58
Size 3113 MB
Format MP4
Price $26.99