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Crazy Mistress

Pretty model Angel is captured by Selena, a tall, strong and psychopath mistress who breaks into her house full dressed in leather, except the gloves, that are long black satin.

Selena keeps Angel quiet, handgagging her tightly with big gloved hands. Then she drags her to the couch and sits over her body, to keep the full domination role against her. Selena repeatedly handgags Angel because she loves so much the muffled screams of her victims.

After a long hand over mouth domination, Selena thinks it's better if Angel don't breath. She puts her gloved hand over her mouth and pinches her nose with other hand. A long handsmother action begins. It ends when the poor Angel passes out.

Models: Selena, Stella
Time 17:16
Size 383 MB
Format MP4

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