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Crazy Woman Attack

For unknown reasons, Xena breaks into Gianluca's house, full dressed in leather. She reaches the living room, where he is on the couch, reading a magazine. She attacks and starts fighting against him. Although she is quite strong, it seems he manages to get the upper hand, so she puts a chloro cloth over his mouth and nose. This makes him weaker and she pushes it tight until he slowly passes out.

While he is unconscious, she ties him up to a chair. He wakes up and she slaps his face. When he tries to talk with her, she takes a piece of duct tape and gags him with it. Now she begins her real sadistic intent. She repeatedly puts him to sleep with chloroform, pushing the gloved hands and the cloth over his face tight and making cruel facial expressions. Every time he passes out, she forces him to wake up, then she chloroforms him again.

Models: Xena, Gianluca
Time 21:18
Size 1638 MB
Format MP4

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