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Criminal Lessons

Niki Lee is a professional hitwoman who always works with her leather gloves on. Jamie is her learner. She wears black leather gloves too.

They go to the Jacquelyn's house and ring the bell. When Jacquelyn opens the door, Jamie holds her arms and Niki puts her to sleep with chloro cloth.

Now Jamie has to follow the Niki's instructions. She has to tie the victim on the chair and finishes her with handsmother technique.

Jamie tries to smother Jacquelyn three times, but she realizes she is not prepared for a similar task.

Niki Lee is angry and replaces her role. She uses both gloved hands to cover Jack's mouth and nose and keep them almost four minutes!!!. She finishes Jacquelyn.

Jamie tells Niki she can't kill people. Niki Lee grabs her from behind and smothers her with a single gloved hand, because her learner failed the task.

Models: Niki Lee Young, Jamie Daniels, Jacquelyn Velvets
Time 15:38
Size 347 MB
Format MP4

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