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Bettie is reading a message on her smartphone. Janelle appears behind her and slowly walks towards her. She puts a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet, then she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. Bettie struggles and tries to remove the cloth, but Janelle keeps it tight and the substance takes effect and she passes out.

Bettie wakes up, tied up on the chair with handcuffs and stripped. Janelle comes back to the room and starts her sadistic domination to her new female slave. She handsmothers her several times with her black large hands and squeezes her breasts. After a long smother action, she takes the chloro cloth again and puts it over Bettie's mouth. She keeps it for one minute, then Bettie faints.

Janelle plays with the limp body of Bettie and takes a rope. She puts it around Bettie's neck and pulls it. Bettie wakes up and Janelle continues strangling her for a couple of minutes. Finally she holds her breath with another handsmother. She keeps the hand until Bettie passes out.

Mistress Janelle puts on a pair of black leather gloves and continues her domination game against her poor slave Bettie.

She holds her breath with several handsmother action. Then she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and waits until she passes out. She plays with her limp body, fondling it and squeezing her breasts.

When Bettie wakes up, Janelle takes a rope and puts it around her neck, strangling her. Then she continues handsmothering her and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth another time and waits until she faints.

Janelle takes a plastic bag and puts it over Bettie's head. Then she puts a gloved hand over her mouth, to be sure she can't breath under it. Breath play action continues for long time and Bettie can't resist under the bag.


Cruel MIstress 3 (Bare Hands Part)

Cruel Mistress Final Game (Gloved Hands Part)

Models: Janelle, Bettie Blue
Time 40:50
Size 1485 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €18.99