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Dangerous Fight

Eleonore is meditating on her bed. Her boss calls her on the phone. She has to stop Samantha, a woman who is interfering with his business.

Eleonore breaks into Samantha's house, while she training in martial arts. The two women begins a short discussion, then they starts fighting. The fight between two women continues for some minutes, with kicks, punches and grips. Samantha is clearly stronger than Eleonore, so this one decides to use a trick. She blows some sort of magic and invisible powder into her face, making her weaker. In this way she can play easier.

Samantha falls on the ground and Eleonore puts a leg over her neck, keeping it tense. She continues this "alternate" scissorhold grip for some minutes. Samantha then gets up and leans against the wall. Eleonore uses her stronger technique: with a somersault, she grabs Samantha's neck and squeezes it. The poor woman tries to remove the legs, but she can't do anything.

Models: Eleonore, Samantha
Time 16:46
Size 1290 MB
Format MP4

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