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Maat is holding the CYRIX chip. She has to sell it to a couple of agents, but she changes idea and prefers selling it at a much higher price to a criminal organization.

Agents Gianluca and Norma reach her. She gives the chip to him and when he is leaving the house, she points the gun to his head. Forced to obey to her orders, Gianluca puts his both hands around Norma's neck and starts strangling her, as Maat wants. She points the gun to them, to be sure he will do what she wants. Gianluca has no chances and he strangles agent Norma until the end.

Maat, as not to have further obstacles, puts a rope around Gianluca's neck and pulls it, strangling him. Although he is quite portly, she is able to keep the rope around his neck for enough time to finish him.

The woman is ready to sell the chip to the highest bidder, but a masked agent breaks into her house and grabs her from behind. He puts the rope around her neck and strangles her without mercy. She struggles, kicks and gasps for air. He continues strangling her until the end.

Models: Lady Maat, Gianluca, Norma Jean
Time 10:52
Size 840 MB
Format MP4

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Keywords:   threesome  gun  strangling  strangulation