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Dirty Games Of A Ebony Goddess

Janelle and Sabrina are two hitwomen who pretend to be whores. Their next target is Gabriel and they go to his house, while he is waiting for them in the bedroom.

Janelle puts her large hands over his mouth and nose and Sabrina starts giving him a blowjob. He can't say a word, because Janelle keeps her hands tight and she leaves no air for him. He can feel the exciting warmth from Sabrina's mouth and her tongue wich fondles his glans. Sabrina is very slutty and voraciously moves her mouth up and down.

After a long hand over mouth domination with several tight handsmother, Janelle removes her hands from Gabriel's mouth and the two fake whores change their roles. Now Sabrina is behind Gabriel and she keeps him quiet with her both hands over his mouth and nose. She pushes them tight, to be sure he can't breathe. Janelle, at the same time, grabs his cock and starts giving him a handjob. She is a ebony naughty woman and she has fun to squeeze his poor member without mercy and moving it up and down fastly.

The two fakes whore decide to stop their erotic game and reveal themselves for what they are. Sabrina sits in front of Gabriel and holds his arms, while Janelle, from behind, puts a clear plastic bag over his head and pulls it tight. Gabriel gasps for air and struggles. In that moment he understands they are two professional hitwomen who came there to stop him, but it is too late.

Janelle and Sabrina are happy for the work done against Gabriel, but this is not the end. Janelle grabs Sabrina from behind and puts her large hand over her mouth and nose, handsmothering her. Then she continues holding her breath using both hands and keeping them until she passes out.

Sabrina wakes up, tied up on the bed with duct tape. She asks to Janelle why she did this to her, but Janelle doesn't reply and puts a stuff inside her mouth. Then she closes it with the tape over it and around her head.

Now Sabrina is tied up and gagged, so Janelle can easily play with her. She fondles her body and gropes her breast, while she struggles and makes muffled screams. She puts a hand over her pussy and repeatedly fingers and masturbates her. She puts the fingers inside her ass too.

After a long lesbian domination actions, Janelle decides to finish the game and puts the duct tape around her head again, this time covering her nose tight. Sabrina can't breathe so she struggles and gasps for air. Janelle has so much fun to watch her while she desperately wiggles. She keeps the tape over her mouth and nose until the end.


Double Jerking Off And Smothering (Double Femdom Part)

Bound For Dirty Games (Lesbian Domination Part)

Models: Janelle, Sabrina Ice, Gabriel Galli
Time 40:41
Size 2949 MB
Format MP4

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