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Dominate Me Please (Full Version)

Laura comes back to home, full dressed in leather. Emily is waiting for her, in pantyhose and underwear, on the couch. Laura starts talking about some lesbian perversion and Emily, looking at her pants, boots, jacket and gloves, finds this quite attractive and decide to try the games Laura has just proposed to her. Laura takes a bottle of chloroform and pours it on a rag. Then she puts the rag over Emily's mouth and nose. Emily struggles and slowly passes out.

Emily now is tied up, gagged and blindfolded on the bed. Laura smells and licks her stinky feet, the she takes off her pantyhose and panties and puts the fingers inside her pussy. She starts fucking her with them, keeping a gloved hand over her mouth. She has fun to hear the muffled moans of her friend while she is handgagged, and feel the pussy very wet, while she moves the fingers up and down. Laura is very naughty, because she gropes Emily's breasts and licks them, while she continues the horny game. After several minutes, Laura takes the chloro cloth and puts to sleep Emily again.

Laura puts on a strap-on, takes off gag and blindfold from Emily's face and puts the strap-on inside her mouth, so she sucks it. Then she puts it inside her pussy and starts fucking her. Laura gropes her breasts with gloved hands too and keeps her handgagged, having fun to hear the muffled moans of Emily under her hand. She continues fucking her for several minutes, always keeping on her leather outfit.

Emily now is satisfied and asks to her friend if she can untie her. Laura, however, is not willing to stop and puts her to sleep with chloroform for the third time. While the poor woman is unconscious, she puts a clear plastic bag over her head and pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe. Emily wakes up and starts struggling desperately. Laura has no mercy and likes so much hearing her gasping for air under the bag. She continues this sadistic torture until the end.

Models: Laura Schwarz, Emily
Time 40:36
Size 2939 MB
Format MP4

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