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Double Invasion 4

Ammalia is reading a book, when she hears a noise from the bedroom. She goes towards it and discovers Simona, who is stealing in her apartment. She tries to send away her, but it's too late: Niky appears in the bedroom, and puts a chloro cloth over Ammalia's mouth and nose. She tries to escape from the tight grip of gloved hand, but after one minute she passes out.

Simona and Niky tie up Ammalia on a chair. Before leaving the apartment with stolen goods, they have fun with a kinky domination game. Niky handgags Ammalia, wearing her black leather gloves, while Simona takes off her boots and forces Ammalia to smell stinky feet.

Niky and Simona change their roles, so Simona handgags Ammalia wearing brown leather gloves and Niky forces her to smell her stinky feet, covered with a pair of stockings.

After the last humiliation, robbers stop their game. Niky passes the chloro cloth to Simona, so she puts it over Ammalia's face again. Ammalia struggles and tries to scream. Chloroform takes effect for the second time. Ammalia passes out. Robbers leave the limp body tied up on the chair and go out with the stolen goods.

Models: Niky, Simona, Ammalia
Time 16:59
Size 380 MB
Format MP4

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