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Double Invasion

Sadistic models Addie Juniper and Jacquelyn Velvets break into heather West's house. They put to sleep her with a chloro cloth and tie her to the chair.

They try a new and unusual technique to dominate their poor victim. Addie handgags her with black leather gloves, while Jacquelyn forces her to smell stinky feet, covered with a pair of stocking.

When Jacquelyn removes feet from her face, Addie puts both gloved hands over her mouth and nose, to prevents her to breath. A long time handsmother. Heather suffers a lot.

Sadistic women change their roles. Now Jacquelyn handgags Heather with leather gloved hands, while Addie forces her to smell stinky feet.

Another long time gloved handsmother by Jacquelyn Velvets. This time she doesn't remove her hands until Heather passes out.

Models: Addie Juniper, Jacquelyn Velvets, Heater West
Time 16:47
Size 373 MB
Format MP4

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