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Dream Of A Secretary 2 Full Version

Diana comes back to home after a day of work. She tired and bored, so she takes off her high heels shoes and puts the legs over the table, showing her soles in pantyhose. She has some fantasies about a man who kidnaps and plays with her in a rough way. She doesn't know her strange dream is coming true.

Gianluca, a stalker who knows her fantasies, grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She starts struggling and kicking, while he keeps the cloth tight. She is forced to breathe the substance until pass out.

The man ties Diana up with tape and leaves her in topless. He gropes her breasts, while she provokes him, telling him he won't do anything to her because he doesn't have the courage. He keeps her handgagged not to listen her anymore, takes off her underpants and starts fingering her pussy. He continues the finger fucking action for several minutes, always keeping her handgagged and sometimes handsmothering her. She squirts and reaches the orgasm a couple of times. He fondles her body with the wet gloved hand.

Gianluca takes the chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth again. She struggles and makes muffled screams, before passing out. He carries her over his shoulder in the bedroom.

Diana wakes up, with his hand over her mouth. He puts a ballgag inside her mouth and wrap her eyes with the bondage tape, blindfolding her. The erotic games continues, this time he thinks about a new one. While she is tied up, gagged and blindfolded, he penetrates her ass with a finger and starts the anal fucking. She moans under the ballgag, letting him know she's horny, so he doesn't stop.

After several minutes of anal play, he takes off the ballgag and the blindfold from her face, but he smothers her with the smelly hand he used to fuck her ass. Then he takes a clear plastic bag, puts it over her head and pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe. She struggles and tries to escape, but being tied up and with him over her, she can't do anything. He keeps the bag until the end.

Models: Diana Zilli
Time 32:14
Size 2335 MB
Format MP4

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