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Dream Of A Secretary Full Version

Nikki is a secretary who is taking a break in the dressing room. She has strange fantasies about a man who kidnap and play with her. While she is thinking about it, she takes off her high heels shoes and massages her feet, veiled by a pair of stockings.

Her dream is coming true: a masked man approaches her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles, kicks and makes muffled screams. She tries to remove the cloth from her mouth, but the substance takes effect and she passes out.

Nikki wakes up and finds herself stripped, tied up and cleavegagged on the chair. The man is still there and he starts tickling her bare feet. She is quite ticklish, so we can hear her muffled laughs under the gag. The man likes so much her soles and toes, so he licks and sucks them. Nikki finds this game funny and she is not scared, altough he tied her up. She pushes her stinky feet over his mouth and nose when he get close to them. The man then continues tickling her for several minutes, using a flogger and gloved hands again. Sometimes he worships her feet.

The man takes a pair of clips and clamps her nipples with them. Then he puts a hand over her pussy and starts fingering it. Nikki takes pleasure to feel his fingers inside her pussy, so she starts moaning under the gag. The man continues fucking her in this way and sometimes he keeps her handgagged with the wet hand he just fingered, making her to smell the odour of the pussy. The pleasure of Nikki increases more and more every time the man moves quickly up and down his fingers inside her pussy and the moans become louder, until she reaches the orgasm.

Now the man makes her happy, but he wants she makes him happy too. He takes off his pants and Nikki grabs his cock with her feet, giving him a footjob. Then he unties her wrists, so she easily can give him a handjob. While Nikki jerks him off, sometimes he puts a gloved hand around her neck and keeps her handgagged, as a sign of his domination. She moves his cock up and down in a very fast way and continues until he cums over her chest. Nikki now is pleased to got his sperm over her and thinks the game is over, but it is not true. The man takes the chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose again. He keeps it until she passes out.

When Nikki wakes up, the man puts a clear plastic bag over her her head and pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe under it. With her face squished by the bag, she gasps for air, struggles, kicks and tries to remove it. The man keeps it tight for long time, waiting for her end.


Dream Of A Secretary (Hand Over Mouth And Masturbation Part)

Dream Of A Secretary (Foot Tickling Part)

Models: Nikki Riddle
Time 50:50
Size 3686 MB
Format MP4

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