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Ela and Jordan are two lesbian lovers. Ela explains to Jordan she likes some kinky games, like strangulation and hand over mouth smother. Jordan never tried these games, but she is curious, so Ela decides to play with her.

Ela puts her hands around Jordan's neck, while she is masturbating herself. Then she puts a hand over her mouth and nose, handsmothering her and using the other one to fingering Jordan's pussy. She continues the game for several minutes.

Jordan and Ela change their role. Jordan puts her both hands over her mouth and nose, pushing them tightly, while Ela fingers herself.

Both women fondle and kiss themselves, then Ela begins her second domination action. She keeps Jordan handgagged. At the same time she fingers her pussy.

Jordan and Ela change their role again. Jordan strangles Ela, then she handsmothers her, while she is masturbating herself. She holds her breath for long time. Ela can't resists and passes out.

Jordan puts on her pair of brown pantyhose. When Ela wakes up, Jordan explains to her what's happened. Ela wants continuing kinky games, so she prepares herself.

Jordan sits down over Ela's face, pushing it with her stinky ass in pantyhose. She can't breath under it and Jordan continues suffocating her. When Ela can breath, she is forced to smell the ass and the pussy under pantyhose.

After a long facesitting smothering action, they change their roles. Ela puts on her pair of pantyhose and sits down over Jordan's face. Ela has no mercy and has fun to shake her ass, pushing Jordan's head under it and smothering her. When Jordan can breath, she is forced to smell stinky ass and pussy under the pantyhose.

Ela continues her action for too long time. Jordan has no air under her ass and passes out. Before leaving the room, Ela smells Jordan's stinky feet in pantyhose.


Kinky Lesbian Love 2 (Hand Over Mouth Part)

Under The Ass (Facesitting Part)

Models: Ela Winters, Jordan Pryce
Time 28:04
Size 934 MB
Format MP4