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Envy Of Competitor Hom Throat

Stella is a successful model who is talking at the phone with her manager. This makes Ivy angry, who is another model who should have been at Stella's place. Ivy breaks into Stella's house, wearing a leather outfit and a stocking mask. She puts on a pair of black leather gloves.

When Stella stops talking at the phone, Ivy grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth. Stella struggles and makes muffled screams, while Ivy keeps her tight handgagged and sometimes she smothers her with both hands.

After some minutes of struggling and muffled screams, Stella tries to escape, but Ivy pushes her to the wall and puts her both gloved hands around her neck, strangling her. Stella tries to remove the hands from her neck, gasping and keeping her eyes wide open. Ivy continues the action for some minutes and we can see her aggressive face under the stocking mask.

When Stella is almost passing out, Ivy drags her to the floor and continues handsmothering her for other several minutes, staying behind her and pulling the head to her when the face is on the ground. She takes a large and clear plastic bag and puts it over her head. She smothers her with it too, having fun to see the squished face of the poor rival, while she gasps for air.

Stella is tied up on the chair. Ivy takes a rope and ties it around Stella's neck. Then she pulls it to strangle her. Stella can't do nothing, we can only see her eyes wide open and her muffled screams. The grip of the sadistic woman is very tight, her face shows aggressiveness. She continues strangling Stella until she passes out.

This is not the end. Ivy takes another clear plastic bag, a smaller one than the previous and she puts it over Stella's head. This time she ha s no mercy and continues suffocating her until the end.


Envy Of Competitor (Full Version)

Envy Of Competitor (Foot Smother Part)

Models: Ivy Blonde, Stella
Time 28:52
Size 2089 MB
Format MP4

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