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Stella is a mobster in balaclava and black leather gloves who is escaping from the police.

She breaks into Janelle's house and goes to the bedroom. She grabs Janelle from behind and keeps her quiet, handgagging her.

Stella takes off a sock from Janelle's foot and puts it inside her mouth. Then she takes the duct tape and gags her with it. She uses it again for tying her up.

The mobsters explains to Janelle the reason she is there. She searches in the wardrobe and finds a red dress. She changes the old clothes with the dress, then she takes off balaclava and leather gloves. She puts them over the head and hands of Janelle.

Stella calls the police to the phone, telling the mobster is tied up inside her home. She goes away, leaving Janelle tied up and gagged, with balaclava and leather gloves on.

Models: Stella, Janelle
Time 15:17
Size 563 MB
Format WMV (Windows Media Video)
Price $12.99