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Fantasies Of Tekla Continue

Tekla is doing a shower, after playing with Susy. A man in balaclava and leather gloves breaks into the house and peeks into the next room. Then he goes to hide.

Tekla reaches the living room, still naked and fantasizes about what she did to Susy. She would be very pleased if a man did the same thing to her. When she is talking about it, the man slowly approaches to her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Tekla struggles and makes muffled screams. The man keeps the cloth tight and at the same time, he gropes her breasts and touches her pussy. He continues until she passes out. Then he lifts and carries her to the bedroom.

The man smells and licks Tekla's feet, when she wakes up and asks him what is her doing. He replies she likes things like that and admits it, but she doesn't know who he is. The man puts a gloved hand over her mouth and rubs himself against her pussy, keeping the trousers on. Sometimes he gropes her breasts and nipples. She makes muffled screams, but it seems she likes it. He orders her to squeeze his nipples, to make him excited and she does it, while he always keeps her handgagged.

The man decides to make her feel pleasure and always keeping her handgagged, he puts a finger inside her pussy and starts fucking her. The woman makes muffled moan and enioys what he is doing to her. The pussy becomes wet and she hope he continues this game until she has the orgasm.

After some minutes, the man takes off his trousers and underwear. He puts a gloved hand over her mouth again and this time, he rubs his dick over her. She can feel the warm and moist glans over the skin and enjoys it. Sometimes she jerks him off, breathing heavily under his gloved hand.

The man tells to Tekla to turn around, staying with belly down. She is curious about his new game and agrees, but this is a trap. He lays over her and ties a rope around her neck. Then he pulls it, strangling her. The poor woman struggles and tries to remove the rope. She gasps for air, keeping her eyes wide open. The man has no mercy and strangles her until the end.

Models: Tekla
Time 22:07
Size 548 MB
Format MP4

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