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Eva and Stella are two rival fighters who want starting an alternative kind of challenge. They are wearing pantyhose for several hours, so their feet are so much stinky. One of them has to keep the nose and mouth under the toes of the other one, breathing deeply. The one who resists more time will be the winner.

Eva starts the challenge. She puts her stinky feet in pantyhose over Stella's mouth and nose. She pushes them tight, so Stella is forced to smell them. Sometimes, she shows a close up of her large soles. She continues for almost eight minutes.

Fighters change their roles. Now Stella puts her stinky feet over Eva's mouth and nose, who is forced to smell them. Also this time, we can see a close up of her soles in pantyhose. Eva can't stand the odour, but she tries to resist more than eight minutes, otherwise she will lose the challenge.

Eva and Stella take off their pantyhose and continue the foot smelling challenge.

Eva puts her stinky toes over the nose of Stella. Sometimes she shows a close up of her large soles. She forces Stella to smell her bare feet for several minutes, pushing them tight.

They change their roles. Stella puts her bare stinky feet over Eva's mouth and nose and pushes them tight. She continues for several minutes, then she smothers her with them. Eva can't breathe under the feet of her rival fighter and Stella has no mercy, so she continues her foot smother attack until the end. 

Models: Eva BlackHell, Stella
Time 32:46
Size 1188 MB
Format MP4
Price $22.99