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Fetishes I Like

Kerri entrust to Cali she loves some kinky games. Cali is curious, so Kerri decides to try these games to her. Kerri puts on a pair of driving leather gloves. She holds Cali's breath with a gloved handsmother. She keeps the gloved hand for almost two minutes, then she removes it and Cali can breath.

Kerri takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Cali's mouth and nose. Cali is forced to breath the substance. Kerri keeps the cloth until Cali passes out.

Cali wakes up, tied up and gagged on the couch. Kerri takes off her shoes, showing her bare and stinky feet. She puts them over Cali's mouth and nose, rubbing them over her face and forced her to smell them. Then she grabs Cali's feet. She licks her toes and soles.

Kerri puts both gloved hands around Cali's neck, strangling her. Then she takes a nylon bag and puts it over Cali's head, keeping her handgagged. This is the final suffocation scene, wich ends with the final Cali's faint.

Models: Kerri Taylor, Cali Logan
Time 15:39
Size 357 MB
Format MP4

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