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Ffa Operation

Kira is working for an important military project and some secret agencies are targeting him to get the files. Someone knocks at the door. There is Laura, a ffa agent who has the task to protect him. Holding a gun, she goes in each room of the house, to be sure no one is hiding. When she is in the bedroom, Xena, a hitwoman in leather who works for one of the agencies mentioned above, takes a rope and waits hidden behind the door of the living room. When Laura reaches that room, it is too late. Xena grabs her from behind and ties the rope around her neck. Then she pulls it, strangling her. Laura struggles, kicks and tries to remove the rope from the neck. She gasps for air and Xena has no mercy. She keeps the rope until the end.

Xena then reaches Kira and starts interrogating him. Since he replies he doesn't know where are the files, She points the gun to his head and kicks his crotch with leather boots on. He finally gives in and tells her where are them. She decides to kill him anyway, putting her both gloved hands around his neck and strangling him.

Xena goes to the kitchen and find the files, but a man in balaclava and leather gloves grabs her from behind, pushes her to the wall and starts strangling her. He is another agent who work for a rival agency. He throws her to the floor and continues strangling her with the gloved hands. She struggles and kicks, but he keeps the hands until her end. 

Models: Kira, Xena, Laura Schwarz
Time 12:41
Size 921 MB
Format MP4

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