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Maggie and Janelle comes back to home after a night party. They takes off their shoes and shows their soles in pantyhose.

Janelle thinks they might have fun again, so she asks to Maggie if she can put her stinky feet over her face, while she is on the floor. Maggie laughs and thinks it is a weird game, but finally she agrees and puts her both stinky feet in pantyhose over Janelle's nose. Janelle likes so much the odour of pantyhose and feet of her friend, after she walked and danced all night. Maggie forces her to smell them for several minutes.

Maggie is curious, so she asks to Janelle if she does the same thing to her. Janelle agrees and puts her both stinky feet in pantyhose over her mouth and nose. Sometimes she shows a close up of  her large soles.

Maggie likes smelling black stinky feet in pantyhose of her friend too, so Janelle keeps the veiled toes tight over her mouth and nose.

Janelle and Maggie decide to continue the night with another funny and lesbian erotic game: the facesitting.

Janelle lies on the ground and Maggie sits over her mouth and nose, holding her breath. Janelle gasps for air, while Maggie can see her eyes wide open under her pussy, wich is covered by pants and pantyhose. Maggie finds this game very funny and continues sitting over Janelle's face, putting her pussy and ass over her mouth and nose. When Janelle can breathe, she is forced to smell stinky ass and pussy.

The two women change their roles. Now Janelle dominates Maggie with facesitting. Janelle is heavier than Maggie, so she can smother her with a full weight facesitting without mercy. Maggie is forced to stay under the large ass and pussy of her ebony friend for long time. She often can't breathe and when she can do it, she must smell the odour of ass and pussy, mixed with the one of dirty nylon.

Maggie and Janelle decide to continue their sexy game, making it harder and more exciting.

They take off their pantyhose and underwear and start playing with bare feet. Maggie puts a stinky foot over Janelle's mouth, who smells and worships it. At the same time, she fondles her pussy with the other one and starts masturbating her.

The two close friends continue this lesbian game for several minutes, smelling, licking and sucking their stinky feet and masturbating each other with them. When they reach the orgasm and are satisfacted, they put on their clothes and conclude the night with a flourish, before going to bed.


After The Party (Foot Smelling In Pantyhose Part)

Smother Party (Facesitting Part)

Lesbian Feet Party (Bare Foot Worship Part)

Models: Janelle, Maggie
Time 45:46
Size 3328 MB
Format WMV (Windows Media Video)
Price $27.99