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Alison comes back to home. When she is walking up the stairs, a masked woman in long black leather gloves grabs her from behind, putting a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Alison tries to free herself, but the woman keeps the cloth tight and the substance takes effect. After one minute of fight, Alison passes out.

The woman brings her on a bed. She takes off her boots. Alison wakes up and the woman presses tightly her stinky feet over her mouth and nose, smothering her.

Masked woman smothers Alison with different facesitting actions. She holds her head under the ass, so Alison can't breath.

The face of poor victim is trampled with a bare feet. Then the sadistic woman continues smothering her with a hard facesitting.

Alison tries to escape, but the woman takes a nylon bag and puts it over her head. The woman has no mercy and suffocates Alison until her end.

Models: Soraya, Alison
Time 12:04
Size 275 MB
Format MP4