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Gisy is reading a magazine. An unknown woman dressed in black arrives and calls her.

Gisy says:"Who are you?" Woman doesn't give an answer and tells her to be sitted down. Today is Gisy's birthday, so she has a very perverse surprise for her.

Gisy doesn't believe her and touches the soft black satin gloves that woman is wearing.

Unknown woman wants to prove she is telling the truth, so she goes behind her and puts her gloved hands over Gisy's mouth and nose. This is the present for her. Gisy can't breath under woman hands.

Woman makes her free. Gisy stands up and understands that someone tought up a very dangerous present for her. She decides to make a lesson against the unknown woman and forces her to sit down. Now they play reverse role.

Gisy handgags woman to try her soft palm over her mouth. Then she steals gloves and puts on them. She handgags woman wearing the black satin gloves.

This is only a little taste. Gisy pinches her nose too, so woman can understand what's a real handsmother technique. Gisy has no mercy for her, so she keeps her hands until woman passes out.

Models: Gisy, Haingil
Time 11:27
Size 255 MB
Format MP4