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Helpless Secretary Full Version

Adele is a secretary who is taking a break in the dressing room. She takes off her high heels shoes and massages her feet, veiled by a pair of stockings.

A masked man approaches her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles, kicks and makes muffled screams. She tries to escape and remove the cloth from her mouth, but the substance takes effect and she passes out.

She wakes up on the chair, completely naked. She tries to leave the room, but the man is still there. He grabs her from behind and keeps her handgagged, while she struggles and makes muffled screams. He wants she fingers her pussy, but she refuses. He closes her nose with his gloved hand too, smothering her, so she has to do it.

Adele starts fucking her pussy with fingers, while the man keeps her handgagged and sometimes he spanks her ass. He holds her breath with some tight handsmother grip, to get her excited. He continues this kinky game for several minutes. Then he puts her to sleep with chloroform again.

Adele wakes up and finds herself tied up on the chair. The man starts tickling her bare feet. She is quite ticklish, so we can hear her laughs, while she tries to remove the feet from the chair. The man likes so much her soles and toes, so he licks and sucks them. Then he continues tickling her for several minutes, using a flogger, a feather and gloved hands again.

The man puts a stuff inside Adele's mouth. Then he wraps the duct tape around it, to gag her. He takes a pair of clips and clamps her nipples with them. Now he still wants to have fun with her. He repeatedly pinches her nose with a gloved hand, he squeezes her neck, he handsmothers her several times, while she struggles.

Finally he takes off the gag and the stuff from her mouth and handsmothers her for the last time. Then he takes a rope and ties it around her neck. Adele begs him to let her go, but he doesn't listen to her and pulls the rope, strangling her. He has no mercy and continues the sadistic action until the end.


Helpless Secretary (Hand Over Mouth Part)

Helpless Secretary (Foot Tickling Part)

Models: Adele
Time 55:56
Size 4055 MB
Format MP4

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