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Xena breaks into the living room and meets Laura. She aggressively asks her where is the secret project. Laura, ready to fight, replies she doesn't know where they are, so Xena calls Igor, her bodyguard. Igor grabs Laura and makes her sit on the chair. Xena sits over Laura knees and puts her both gloved hands around her neck. To get her to tell where the project is, she starts strangling her, while Igor holds her arms from behind.

After some minutes, Laura tells the project is inside the couch, so Xena starts searching. Laura tries to convince Igor to work for her, telling she can give him a higher pay. Xena laughs and sitting on the couch, she orders Igor to kiss her boot. That is the only reward for him.

Xena orders Igor to bring Laura close to her, but this time Laura reacts and the two women starts fighting on the couch. Xena asks to Igor if he can help her, but he refuses, telling her he likes to see catfight and he is sure she is strong enough to defeat the opponent.

Laura and Xena continues fighting, now they are on the floor. They often grab their neck each other or use the scissorhold technique. After a long combat, Xena manages to prevail and sits over Laura's face, smothering her. Laura struggles under the ass, covered by leather pants and gasps for air. Xena has no mercy and uses the facesitting technique until the end.

Before leaving the apartment, Igor tells to Xena he has just found the project... 

Models: Xena, Laura Schwarz
Time 22:51
Size 1659 MB
Format MP4

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