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Her Last Day 2 (Full Version)

Xena is a hitwoman who has been commissioned by a criminal company to eliminate Rey, an inconvenient witness. She breaks into her house, full dressed in leather and takes the phone to call her boss, telling him she is arrived.

Rey comes back to home and sits on the armchair. Xena grabs her from behind and keeps her quiet, putting a gloved hand over her mouth. Rey struggles and makes muffled screams while Xena, keeping her handgagged, tells her not to resist. She pinches her nose too, handsmothering her, to make her understand she is not joking.

After some minutes, Xena takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Rey's mouth and nose. Rey struggles again, but she is forced to inhale the substance and slowly passes out.

Xena ties Rey up on the chair, puts a cloth inside her mouth and "cleavegags" her. She gropes her breasts with the gloved hands and mock her. Then she starts playing with her. She puts her gloved hand over her mouth and nose several times, handsmothering her. Then she takes off the gag from her mouth and calls her boss, telling him what she is doing in that moment. She takes a rope and ties it around Rey's neck. She pulls it, strangling her until she passes out.

Xena lifts Rey from the chair in the living room and carries her in the bedroom. She has not finished her sadistic game, so she puts her both gloved hands around Rey's neck, strangling her. She continues the strong domination against the poor woman, handsmothering her several times with gloved hands over her mouth and nose or pushing them tight around her neck. She continues playing in this way for several minutes, making Rey very weak. Before the final action, she puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose, waiting until she passes out.

Xena decides to finish her victim. She puts a clear plastic bag over Rey's head and pulls it, squishing her face and to be sure she can't breathe under it. Rey kicks, struggles and gasps for air, but Xena has no mercy and keeps the bag tight until the end.

Models: Xena, Rey
Time 43:19
Size 3338 MB
Format MP4

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