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Hitwomen In Leather (Hom Bagging Part)

The hitwomen tie Lauretta up in a different way and start a second kind of domination. Daphne puts a gloved hand over her mouth and pinches her nose with the other one, handsmothering her. This is only the begin. Xena and Daphne are very sadistic and continue playing with the tenant, strangling and handsmothering her in different positions. They have fun and laugh when they do it. Lauretta can't react, she can only keep the eyes wide open when they handsmother her.

The hitwomen decide to finish the game in the best way, putting a plastic bag over Lauretta's head. They pull it, to be sure she can't breath inside. The tenant gasps for air, kicks and tries to remove the bag, but she can't do anything, because she is tied up. Daphne and Xena have fun to keep the bag until the end.

Models: Daphne, Xena, Lauretta
Time 20:58
Size 1618 MB
Format MP4

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