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Laurie and Sarah are browsing the pages of photo album on the bed.

The bell rings. Sarah goes downstairs to open the door. She can't think that a hitwoman is waiting for her next victims.

Sarah has no time to scream, because Nancy points gun and handgag her with black leather gloves. They come back to the bedroom.

Leather hitwoman declares that Sarah and Laurie are two hostages. She throws them a pair of handcuffs and orders Laurie to tie Sarah with them.

Laurie must smother Sarah with her hands, or woman will shoot them. Laurie has no chance, so she puts her hand over Sarah's mouth and nose.

After one minute, Nancy is not sure that Laurie is handsmothering her friend. She thinks Sarah can breath, so she say "Cover her nose too" and puts her gloved hand over Sarah's mouth and Laurie's hand.

Sarah dies, under the handsmother grip of Laurie. She is very scared, because she just killed her best friend. Hitwoman points gun to her again. Laurie will be her next target.

After some gloved handgag and smother, Laurie can escape from her, going downstairs. This will be a vain attempt, because Nancy reaches her on the sofa' and starts handsmother her again.

Video clip still continues with gloved hand over mouth scenes and muffled screams. Hitwoman Nancy handsmother Laurie until she dies.

Time 14:28
Size 205 MB
Format MP4