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I Am Stronger Than You 2 (Full Version)

Mayla is the new target of a criminal organization, determined to eliminate her because she is too inconvenient. Not wanting to use weapons and knowing that she practices martial arts, they decide to send Jenna to her house, as she is rather sadistic and good at hand-to-hand combat. Jenna breaks into Mayla's apartment, wearing a leather outfit. She grabs her from behind while she is in the kitchen, putting an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. She drags her to the bedroom and continues handsmothering her until she passes out. While the poor woman is unconscious, Jenna has fun to fondling her limp body.

Mayla slowly wakes up. Jenna is still in the bedroom. Mayla tries to fight against her, hitting her with a punch, but Jenna is stronger and holds her arm. She throws Mayla to the floor, sits over her chest holding the arms with legs and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Mayla starts struggling and kicking, so Jenna puts the other gloved hand over her mouth and nose too, handsmothering her tight. She begins a sadistic domination against her, sitting with her full weight over her face and grabbing her arms, putting both legs around her neck and covering her mouth and nose with gloved hands, making a combination of headscissors + handsmother techniques and sitting over her chest, keeping both gloved hands over her mouth and nose again. She repeats all these moves and continues for several minutes, so Mayla can't do nothing to escape. Jenna takes a bottle of chloroform and pours the substance on a rag. Then she puts Mayla to sleep, putting the rag over her mouth and nose.

Mayla wakes up and Jenna allows her to get up, although she is still weak. Mayla tries to fight again, but Jenna pushes her to the wall and puts a gloved hand around her neck. Then she puts the other one and keeps both of them tight, strangling the poor woman without mercy. She let her breathe for some seconds, then she puts both hands over her mouth and nose, handsmothering her tight. She continues these kind of actions for several minutes, demonstrating her superiority to Mayla and without allowing her to react.

After a long smother domination, Mayla is very tired and weak. Jenna watches her, proud of her job. She thinks it is time to finish her, so she throws her to the floor again, sits over her and puts a plastic bag over her head. She pulls it and keeps it with a gloved hand around the neck, to be sure Mayla can't breathe. The poor woman struggles, kicks and gasps for air. The hitwoman has no mercy and continues suffocating her until the end.

Models: Jenna, Mayla
Time 42:54
Size 3308 MB
Format MP4

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