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Intrusion 4 Hand Over Mouth

Adele comes back to home after a day of work. She takes off her shoes and sits down on the couch. When she is starting to relax, a female intruder in balaclava, leather pants and leather gloves, appears behind her and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Adele struggles and tries to break free, but the woman is stronger than her, so she slowly loses consciousness.

The woman puts her both gloved hands around Adele's neck and strangles her. Then she handsmothers her with only one and both hands. She alternates the smother actions between neck squeezing and hand over mouth suffocation and continues this sadistic game for several minutes, making Adele very weak. She finishes this part of games by putting the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose, waiting until Adele passes out again.

Adele gets up, after waking up for the second time. The woman is still there and ties a rope around her neck. Adele begs her to let her go, but the woman pulls the rope and starts strangling her very tight. Adele tries to remove the rope from her neck, gasping for air, coughing and keeping her eyes wide open. The woman has no mercy and continues strangling her until the end.


Intrusion 4 (Full Version)

Intrusion 4 (Scissorhold Part)

Models: Stella, Adele
Time 23:20
Size 1690 MB
Format MP4

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