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Ivy wakes up. She removes the duct tape from her wrists and the bag from her head. She takes a pair of black leather gloves and waits, hidden behind the door.

When Janelle comes back, Ivy grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Janelle struggles and tries to scream. Ivy keeps the cloth until she faints.

Janelle wakes up, tied up on the chair. Now Ivy can take her revenge. She repeatedly handsmothers her tight with both gloved hands, then she takes the chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. Janelle makes a good eye roll movement, before passing out.

Ivy continues her sadistic revenge. She sits down over Janelle's legs, pushes her both gloved hands over her mouth and nose, a hand over her mouth and the other one around her neck, both hands around her neck. After several smother actions, she takes the chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth. Janelle makes another good eye roll movement before fainting.

Ivy takes the plastic bag and puts it over Janelle's head. Then she holds it with a rope, to be sure she can't breathe. She continues this sadistic game until the end.

Models: Ivy Blonde, Janelle
Time 13:49
Size 510 MB
Format MP4