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Jamie Revenge

This is the continuation of Dee the stalker.

Jamie wakes up and sees the chloro cloth near her. She remembers Dee used it to knocked out her. She puts on her black leather driving gloves and waits hidden behind the door.

Dee comes to the bedroom. Jamie puts the cloth over her mouth and nose. Dee is forced to inhale the chloroform and tries to fight. The substance makes her very weak and after one minute she passes out.

Jamie has the full control of Dee's body now. She squeezes both arms over Dee's neck, making her breathing very short. Then she puts both bare feet over her face, and smothers her with them for long time.

In the final action Jamie finishes her stalker with a good gloved hand over mouth smother. She holds her breath for over three minutes. Dee can't resist under her gloved hands and she passes out.

Models: Jamie Daniels, Dee
Time 15:43
Size 349 MB
Format MP4

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