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Janelle sees his boyfriend chatting with another woman. She is suspicious and asks him what is he doing. He replies it is only a misunderstanding, he is writing to her co worker. She doesn't believe him, so she thinks up a punishment.

Janelle ties the wrists of her boyfriend with duct tape, then she starts her game. She puts an arm around his neck and a hand over his mouth and nose, smothering him hard. She continues this action for several minutes, then she pushes him on the bed and squashes his face under her leather ass. She has no mercy and holds the breath of the poor man for long time.

Janelle puts her both legs around his neck and squeezes it with a hard scissorhold grip. At the same time, she keeps his mouth and nose closed with her large hand.

She continues handsmothering him with both hands, squashing his chest with her heavy body. She uses different poses and waits until the end.

Models: Janelle
Time 15:54
Size 587 MB
Format MP4