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Cute model Jenna is looking herself in the mirror. She is doing make up.

Unknown hands covered with a pair of black leather gloves appear in the scene.

The misterious intruder opens a bottle of chloroform and pours a large amount of liquid on the rag.

He is behind Jenna. He is feeling the sensual desire to play with her nice victim.

Model Jenna notices someone behind her, but it's too late.

The intruder is a leather hooded man who catches and shoves her to the wall.

She has no time to scream, because he puts the chloroform cloth over her face with black leather gloved hands.

We can see a close-up scene with leather glove and rag over her mouth, hearing the "mmmmmmmmmh" muffled scream.

She try to escape from her aggressor but he forces her to smell the intense odour of chloroform. She falls on the bed and masked man continue to press his gloved hand over her mouth and nose.

He blocks her sensual body with a nice dominating pose. He keeps the leather gloved hand over her mouth, waiting for the final effects of chloro vapours.

Model Jenna passes out. Masked intruder observes her unconscious body alongside the chloro cloth.

Now it's time to make her into bondage.

He take the duct tape and ties her legs and wrists with it.

He have to prevent her to scream too, so he takes a ballgag and push it over her mouth.

When Jenna is totally under his control, she starts to wake up.

Leather hooded intruder don't want see her awake, so he takes the chloroform cloth and push it over her mouth and nose again.

Models: Jenna
Time 13:31
Size 187 MB
Format MP4


Keywords:   leather gloves  chloroform  ballgag  bondage