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Jinx Fanatic 2 Full Version

Ivy is sleeping on the bed. Pinky, dressed like Jinx again, breaks into the apartment and reaches the bedroom. She slowly approaches Ivy, pulls out a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. Ivy wakes up and starts struggling, but Pinky keeps the cloth tight and waits until she passes out.

Pinky takes a rope and ties Ivy's ankle, while she is unconscious. Then she takes another rope and starts tying her wrists, when Ivy wakes up and starts struggling again. Pinky uses one of her latex gloved hand to keep Ivy quiet and pushes it tight. She continues her strong handsmother domination using different positions. From behind, sitting over her chest and putting a gloved hand over her mouth and the other one around her neck or simply playing with her nose. After several minutes of smther action, Pinky takes the chloro cloth and puts it over Ivy's mouth and nose again. Ivy is still weak, so she easily breathe the substance, keeps her eyes wide open and passes out.

Pinky takes a black tape and ties it around Ivy's mouth, gagging her. Then she takes off her leather boots and puts them over her face, forcing her to smell them. She has a foot with a violet stocking and the other one is bare. She puts the bare foot over his nose and forces her to smell it too. She continues her foot smelling domination for several minutes, using the bare foot, the one with pinky stockings and the stinky boots. Ivy can't do nothing, she has the only chance to smell deeply the strong odour from Pinky's extremities. The crazy woman keeps a boot and her feet over her face for too long time, so the poor victim passes out because of the smell.

This is not the end. Pinky takes a clear plastic bag and puts it over Ivy's head. Then she pulls it, to be sure the poor woman can't breathe inside. Ivy gasps for air, while the sadistic cosplayer has fun to see her suffering a lot. She keeps the bag over the head until the end.


Jinx Fanatic 2 (Hand Over Mouth Part)

Jinx Fanatic 2 (Foot Smelling Part)

Models: Pinky, Ivy Blonde
Time 40:06
Size 2908 MB
Format MP4

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