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Eleonore is a rich lady. Her husband is tired of being subdued by her and decides to
make it out and then take possession of her material goods. To do this, he asks for help to his lover Samantha, aware of her strongly sadistic nature. Samantha sneaks into Eleonore's house and looks around. Then she takes the phone and calls her lover, telling him she is arrived.

Eleonore comes back to home. Samantha grabs her from behind and puts an arm around her neck. Then she keeps her quiet, keeping a gloved hand over her mouth and nose, to make her understand she is not joking. Samantha keeps Eleonore quiet for some minutes, while she struggles, then she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. Eleonore struggles again, but she is forced to inhale the substance and slowly passes out.

Samantha ties Eleonore up on the chair, puts a cloth inside her mouth and "cleavegags" her. She fondles her body, telling she is sexy to mock her. Then she starts playing with her. She puts her gloved hands over her mouth and nose several times, handsmothering her. Then she takes off the gag from her mouth, calls her lover and Eleonore's husband, telling him what she is doing in that moment (She is handsmothering his wife). She takes a rope and ties it around Eleonore's neck. She pulls it, strangling Eleonore until she passes out.

The two women are in the bedroom now. Samantha has not finished her sadistic game, so she puts her gloved hands around Eleonore's neck, strangling her. She continues the strong domination against the poor wife, handsmothering her several times with both gloved hands over her mouth and nose (pinching it too) or pushing them tight around her neck. She calls the lover again, while she is keeping an arm tight around Eleonore's neck. She handsmothers her for the umpteenth time and finally puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose, waiting until she passes out.

Samantha decides to end the game. She puts a clear plastic bag over Eleonore's head and pulls it, squishing her face and to be sure she can't breathe under it. Eleonore kicks, struggles and gasps for air, but Samantha is stronger than her and she has no mercy. She keeps the bag tight until the end.

Models: Samantha J, Eleonore
Time 44:49
Size 3246 MB
Format MP4

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