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Cute model Laurie is a hitwoman who must eliminate her target. She opens the main door and enters in her next victim house.

She has a pair of short black leather gloves, because she can't leave fingerprints anywhere. She start to walk slowly towards the designated victim.

At the same time Sarah, the tenant girl, is putting on her white sandals. She gets up from the couch and go near the round table, to drink a sip of water from the plastic bottle.

Laurie is very noiseless and fast, so she spends few time to reach Sarah from behind.

Hitwoman hates loud noises, so she usually kills her target using the hand over mouth smother technique. It's a great method for prevent victim's screams and suffocate her.

Sarah feels the leather palm over her mouth and nose. It's too late for her. Laurie shoves her on the tiles floor, making a total dominance pose.

Hitwoman keeps quiet the victim with a gloved hand over her mouth. A simple handgag is not enough, so she covers her nose with other hand. Sarah is scared. She can't breath. She tries to escape from the hitwoman but she cannot.

Alternate scenes of handgag/handsmother continue until Sarah passes out.

This is not the end. Lauries still wants to enjoy, so she will finish her victim after some funny games.

She drags the unconscious body on the couch. She ties wrists and legs with black duct tape and tries to gag sarah's mouth with the bandanna.

Sarah wakes up. Laurie is ready to handsmother her again, with short black leather gloves on. This time, she is finally determined to kill her.

Sarah performs good eye movements, under hitwoman's gloved hands.

The Laurie's Job is completed. Now she can go away for search her next victim....

Models: Laurie, Sarah
Time 14:47
Size 222 MB
Format MP4