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Last Professional Hit 2

Agents Lady Maat and Rey breaks into the apartment of the target. Their objective is to obtain the CYRIX processor prototype from Gianluca and kill him.

Both agents are in leather outfit. Maat enters the living room holding a gun. They starts searching in the drawers, but they don't find what they want. They move to the bedroom and finds Gianluca while he is sleeping on the bed. It is the right moment to act for Maat, who sits over him and puts her both gloved hands around his neck. Gianluca wakes up and she starts strangling him. He tries to tell her who is she and what does she wants from him. Maat ha no mercy and continues strangling him with the gloved hands, while he struggles and fights. She stops only at the end.

Maat and Rey search in the living room again. Rey has the good idea to look inside a cavity in a table leg and finally finds what they were looking for. Maat takes the processor, pushes Rey towards the couch and starts strangling her too. Rey, surprised by the unexpected betrayal, struggles, kicks and gasps for air. Maat continues strangling her, moving her to the floor and staying over her. She keeps the gloved hands around her neck until the end.

Lay Maat, out of caution, decides to take one last look at the apartment, to make sure there is no one else inside, but a man in balaclava and leather gloves, hidden behind a door, grabs her from behind. He ties a rope around her neck and drags her to the living room. She falls on the ground and starts struggling and kicking, while he uses the rope to strangle her without mercy. The agent slowly becomes weak and gives off spasms. The man removes the rope only at the end.

Models: Lady Maat, Rey
Time 19:13
Size 1485 MB
Format MP4

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