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Mayla and Persephone are two spies who break into the apartment of a man, to search for important files and kill him.

Mayla, in catsuit and leather gloves, searches in the living room and finds a notebook. She is convinced it contains the files they are looking for, so she goes to the bedroom and switch on it. At the same time, Persefone takes a look inside the other rooms, holding a gun.

Mayla finds nothing interesting. When she is leaving the bedroom, a man in balaclava and leather gloves, hidden behind the door, grabs her from behind and pushes her to the wall, keeping the gloved hands around her neck tightly. He throws her on the floor and continues strangling her without mercy, while she struggles and gasps for air. He keeps the hand around her neck until the end.

Persefone calls Mayla and reaches the bedroom, where she finds the limp body. She immediately understands someone is inside the house and tries to leave it, but the man grabs her neck from behind with a belt.

Persefone falls to the ground and tries desperately to free herself, kicking and gasping for air. The man continues strangling her without mercy until the end. Then he leaves the apartment.

Models: Mayla, Persefone
Time 09:17
Size 718 MB
Format MP4

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