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Latex Gloves Attack 2

Rey is in the kitchen and someone knocks at the door. There are Lara and Bianca, who present themselves as two sellers of furnishing material and they are there for propose something to Rey.

Rey takes them to the kitchen and they shows her some models of furniture they are offering. Rey sees them and she is not interested. Bianca asks where is the toilet and Rey indicates where it is. When Bianca and Lara reaches the toilet, we understand they are not sellers, but thieves who want stealing in Rey's house. They forgot to bring the chloroform and ropes with them, so they think about a plan B. Bianca put on a pair of long pink latex gloves, while Lara a black one.

 Rey is still in the kitchen, when Lara grabs her from behind an puts a gloved hand over her mouth. The two thieves lift and carry her to the couch. Lara keeps her handgagged, while Bianca looks for someting to tie Rey up. She finds the duct tape and she uses it to tie Rey's ankles and wrists. She gags and blindfold her, then the two thieves lift and carry her to the bedroom.

Rey struggles and makes muffled screams, while Lara stays with her and Bianca searches for valuables. When she find something, Bianca decides to play with Rey again, because she recognizes them now. Lara takes off the tape from her mouth and eyes, but immediately pushes a gloved hand over her mouth and nose, keeping it tight. Bianca does the same thing, putting a gloved hand around her neck and pushing the other one over her mouth and nose. Rey can't breathe and Bianca, noticing she is quite resistant, gets help from Lara, who puts a gloved hand over the hers. The two thieves suffocate the poor tenant until the end.

Models: Bianca, Lara, Rey
Time 18:42
Size 1444 MB
Format MP4

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