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Scarlet, the lesbian mad doctor who broke into Liz's home and played with her, comes to know there is a lesbian woman who lives near her, Janelle. She decides to play with her too.

Janelle just finished doing a bath and she is using a towel. Scarlet, in surgical mask and gloves, grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Janelle starts struggling, but Scarlet keeps the hand tight, gropes her large breasts and fingers her pussy. Janelle finds this game pleasant, so Scarlet drags her to the bedroom.

Scarlet takes a dildo and penetrates Janelle's pussy with it. At the same time, she repeatedly handgags and handsmothers her, to make her more excited. She pushes the dildo inside her pussy with a foot too.

Scarlet puts on a strapon and starts fucking Janelle with it. Janelle moans loud, so she puts a gloved hand over her mouth and pinches her nose with the other one, holding her breath. She continues this action for several minutes, so Janelle takes delight so much.

Scarlet decides to finish the game in a sadistic way. She puts a plastic bag over Janelle's head and pulls it, so she can't breathe under it. At the same time she continues fucking her with strapon. Janelle gasps for air, but Scarlet keeps the bag tight without mercy... until the end.


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Models: Scarlet, Janelle
Time 27:22
Size 2007 MB
Format MP4