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Maggie wakes up on the couch. She is naked. Janelle grabs her from behind, puts a hand over her mouth and gropes her breasts. Maggie reveals to her friend she liked so much the previous sadistic games she made to her. If she repeats them again, she will have a good reason to stay with her.

Janelle keeps Maggie handgagged and puts the other hand over her pussy. Keeping her quiet, she fastly fingers her pussy and continue the lesbian game for several minutes. Sometimes she holds her breath with tight handsmothers actions, turning her on even more. Maggie makes several gag talk sounds.

The two lesbian lovers decide to reverse their roles. Maggie puts on a strap-on and starts fucking Janelle with the doggy-style position. Janelle moans, because she is excited, so Maggie keeps her handgagged and continues fucking her.

Maggie and Janelle change their position. Maggie lies over Janelle and starts fucking her again with strap-on. At the same time, she keeps her handgagged and sometimes she handsmothers her. Maggie fastly fucks her lesbian lover with fury for some minutes.

The sex game finishes and Maggie takes off the strap-on. She puts on a pair of black leather gloves and makes a nasty surprise to Janelle. She handsmothers her, then she tightly squeezes her neck with both gloved hands, strangling her. She continues this dangerous game for some minutes, waiting for the end of Janelle.


Jealousy Of A Lesbian Couple (Full Version)

A Jealous Friend (Part 1)

Models: Maggie, Janelle
Time 22:41
Size 1638 MB
Format MP4