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Long Gloves Victim

Eve talks to Jacquelyn what's happened some days before. Their friend Vivian is a hitwoman and she tried to kill her. Jacquelyn and Eve decide to make a revenge against her, so both women put on a pair of long black leather gloves.

The bell rings. Jacquelyn opens the door, while Eve waits hidden behind it. Vivian notices the long gloves of Jacquelyn and she has not time to think why she is wearing them. Eve grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. A very bad surprise for Vivian, because she thought Eve was die after her long time gloved handsmother attack. The vapours of chloroform take effect and Vivian passes out.

Vivian wakes up tied on a chair. Eve and Jacquelyn are ready to do the same thing she did on Eve some days ago. Eve starts the first gloved handsmother action, holding her breath for over one minute. Jacquelyn handsmothers her too for another long minute. Jacquelyn puts an arm around Vivian's neck and Eve handsmothers her again. They have fun to see their victim can't breath under the pressure of gloved hands.

They change the roles. Eve puts an arm around her neck and Jacquelyn handsmothers her. Vivian now can feel the lethal effect of her favourite smother technique.

Jacquelyn now has the task to finish Vivian. She puts an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth. She uses this strong suffocation method for over three minutes, until Vivian passes out.

Quote: Vivian the fetish hitwoman

Models: Jacquelyn Velvets, Eve Von Winter, Vivian
Time 16:16
Size 363 MB
Format MP4

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