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Medical Examination 2

Ivy comes back to home. Nurse Queeny surprises her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. She struggles, but Queeny keeps the cloth tight until she faints.

Stella comes back later and sees Ivy who is sleeping. She has no time to understand what happened, because Queeny grabs her from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth too, and waits until she passes out.

Ivy wakes up and finds herself tied up to the chair. Queeny explains she captured them for an experiment. She takes a sock and puts it inside Ivy's mouth. Ivy spits it, so Queeny gives her a punishment, handsmothering her. Ivy is forced to keep the sock inside her mouth and Queeny can gag her with duct tape. When she finishes, she puts the chloro cloth over her mouth again.

Stella wakes up and Queeny does to her the same things she did to Ivy. She handsmothers her, puts a socks inside her mouth, gags her with duct tape and finally puts the chloro cloth over her mouth.

Queeny decides to end her sadistic experiment. She puts a plastic bag over Stella's head, while Ivy looks at them scared. Stella can't breathe under the bag, because Queeny keeps it tight and covers her mouth with gloved hands. Then she does the same thing to Ivy, who can't resist for long time under the bag.

Models: Queeny, Ivy Blonde, Stella
Time 22:05
Size 818 MB
Format MP4

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