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Merciless Thief 3

Klaudia is a thief in leather, who breaks into Stella's apartment and starts searching for valuables in the drawers of living room. When she hears someone is opening the entrance door, she leaves the room and hides elsewhere. Stella enters the living room and notices there is something strange. It is too late, because Klaudia grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Stella struggles, but Klaudia keeps the cloth until she slowly passes out.

Stella is tied up with tape on the bed, when Klaudia sits over her knees. She starts fondling her face with gloved hands, then she puts them around her neck, strangling her. The thief has fun to play with the poor victim, so she puts her both gloved hands over her mouth and nose, handsmothering her several times. She does it with a gloved hand over her mouth and nose and with the other one around her neck too.

Klaudia stands behind Stella and puts her both gloved hands over her mouth and nose, handsmothering her again. Stella struggles and tries to remove the hands, while she shows a sadistic smiling facial expression. She continues doing this for some minutes, then she takes the chloro cloth and puts it over Stella's mouth and nose, who slowly passes out.

Klaudia puts a clear plastic bag over Stella's head and pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe inside. Stella gasps for air, keeping her eyes and mouth wide open, while she sadistically keeps the bag over her head without mercy, until the end.

Models: Klaudia, Stella
Time 22:10
Size 1608 MB
Format MP4

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